Saturday, May 24, 2014

LXQt-Admin: System admin tools for LXQt arrived

It’s known that system admin tools for LXQt were lacking.
This is no longer true.  A new component lxqt-admin landed int our git repo. Please see the screenshots. :-) These are “desktop-independent” pure Qt tools based on system-tool-backends.

lxqt-admin-time: Tool to configure date and time.

lxqt-admin-user: Tool to manage users and groups.

We know that LXQt is not good enough, but it will getting better and better. Long live LXQt, the classic desktop!

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Azrael5 said...
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Azrael5 said...

Hello, how to get this tool running? We have to download it by synaptic?

Rafael Laguna said...

I'm afraid it's to soon. It's uploaded via GTI (you have to compile it). But it will be availbale very soon and then we will include it on Ubuntu's repos so you all can download it.

Anonymous said...

That not true. It was up 23-may see here

I have it install ppa for lxqt

Rafael Laguna said...

We never said it's on Launchpad yet. It's stored at the GIT repo. You can download it and compile by yourself or wait until it moves onto a PPA. Have a look: